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Commercial Detailing


QUESTIONS ABOUT commercial detailing?

Heavy Equipment

Starting at $200-$250 for most pieces of equipment. Excavators, backhoe Bulldozer, skid steer, forklift, grader, etc.
backhoe-excavator cleaning
Semi Trucks
  • Day-cab starting at $250
  • Sleepers starting at $300
semi-truck detailing
Work Trucks
  • Regular Cab (2 door) $200
  • Crew Cab (4 door) $210
pickup-truck-work-truck detailing
includes 6+ seats:
  • Vacuuming and brushing all carpets, seats and trunk.  All nooks and crannies looked after.

  • Leather cleaning and conditioning (if applicable).

  • Wiping and steam cleaning of all interior surfaces.

  • Cleaning all air vents of dust.

  • Cleaning windows, mirrors from inside.

  • Cleaning all door jambs.

  • Deep cleaning rubber mats.

  • Pedals Cleaned.

  • Clean Ashtray/Cup Holders.

  • Leather/Vinyl Protection.

  • Interior Dressing.

  • Extra charge for Shampoo and Hot water Extract Seats/ carpets. If heavily stained we cannot guarantee heavy stains will be removed.



  • Extra dirty - extra hour  $50/hr

  • Shampoo and Hot Water Extraction $40-$80 for full interior. 

  • Dog hair removal starting at $20

  • Odour Treatment. Remove smoke and pet smells $60

  • Headliner spot clean starting at $15

  • Extra mats not OEM (factory) $15 sedan, $20 pickup/5 seat SUV and $30 for Minivan/7 seat SUV.

  • Extra preparation (removal of garbage and personal items) starting at $10

  • Travel outside of Edmonton $15-$30 depending on km

  • We wont have hidden charges. All Pricing up front before the job starts

Ask us about our multi vehicle discount for fleets.

We want to earn your business. Tell us what that will take!


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Heavy equipment cleaning
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